no more bad t-shirts

At the most basic level, Beastvan is an independent family-owned graphics, customized clothing, and promotional items company. We are known for our unique style of combining quality made products with cool graphics and a passion for growing our clients’ brand identity.

We are in this business because we know that nothing can generate more interest, brand awareness, and revenue for your business, event, school, or team than stylish products customized with creative and professional looking graphics.

Everyone knows that It is easy to take clip art or a business card logo and slap it on a t-shirt, hat, or coffee mug.  Unfortunately, this can often lead to terrible looking product that no one really wants.  Clothes become rags or never see the light of day at the back of a closet.   Cups, pens, pads of paper get tossed and lost in a desk drawer.  This works against a brand, is bad for the environment, and is a waste of money.

Our objective is the opposite.  We want the items you order from us to provide value to you.  This means getting a return on your investment by making people want to have your stuff, increasing their enjoyment and your brand profile. 

So, becuz we went to school, we get our nerd on by applying strategic branding process to the design of custom items for you that gets people talking about your business or organization.

We start each job in discussion with you to get an understanding of what your brand is, why you want custom clothing, what you want it to do for you, and who you want to want it.  From there we make recommendations on clothing styles, promo items, graphic design and imprint methods which we think will get you the most bang for your buc

A perfect combination of business, art, and common sense.

If this sounds like something that would work for you, please contact us here.