Beastvan streetwear

While making cool swag for other folks, we thought we would create our own line of gear.

Launched from a secret underground bunker located just steps from the unwitting intersection of Vancouver's Main St. and East King Ed., Beastvan streetwear is based on the adventures of a small team of 'independent contractors' who dared to travel to the furthest, sharpest edges of outer space.

Hoping to learn from the creative shaman who reside there, the rag tag group of explorers asked to be taught the unique craft of twisting together sinewy strands of rock 'n roll, comic books, and science ­fiction, dipping them in punk attitude, and then covering 'em with a smooth pop art skin.

Upon their return to earth, they shared with us this craft while regaling us with weird and wonderful tales of galactic rebellion, battles with strange creatures, and the wicked effects of a tendency to be an irreverent smart ass (especially after a few beers

The collection of small run items below reflects these stories.  Intrigued to know more?  Transmit us a message.